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Fall Edition - Tools for Success


What makes an engaged campus? According to Campus Compact, commitment to being an engaged campus are demonstrated by indicators of institutional culture, curriculum and pedagogy, faculty culture, mechanisms and resources, and community-campus exchange.

Stories by Dan Nufer
Design by Gylin Teh


This edition covers the stories of two schools, Aquinas College and Davenport University, as they achieve excellence in service, driven by technology. Davenport’s work found student’s working with community organizations to help them embrace and effectively use digital technologies. The Aquinas story is about an initiative of epic proportion during which the college is hoping to achieve 125,000 acts of service to commemorate their 125th anniversary. These stories are inspiring and excellent examples of the work of our network; you won’t want to miss them. 

Stories by Dan Nufer
Design by Gylin Teh


Winter Edition - Staying Strong through Service

Staying Strong through Service- We are excited to announce the official release of our Winter 2011 Edition of Compact Magazine. The last of the year, this edition takes a look at a community learning & teaching garden in Livonia, Michigan and a project at Michigan Technological University that provided prosthetic appendages to children in New Delhi, India. These projects have affected thousands of people; we're sure you'll enjoy reading about them.

Stories by Dan Nufer
Design by Gylin Teh

Fall Edition One - Snapshots. Service. Smiles


We are excited to announce the official release of our Fall 2011 edition of Compact Magazine. This magazine features a story about a course at Ferris State University that made an impressive impact on the community, and a story about 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, David Cooper, who produced two beautiful photo essays for MCC. Take a look at the magazine, we're sure you'll enjoy it! Click here to download the Compact Magazine. 

Stories by Dan Nufer
Design by Gylin Teh

2011 Compact Magazine Preview Download the 2011 Compact Magazine Preview here!

Stories by Dan Nufer
Design by Gylin Teh

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We’re going digital! Here’s why…

By Dan Nufer

With the onset of digital technologies in today’s society, effective and innovative communication practices have become vital. Newspapers, letters, and print magazines have become the stuff of throwback, and are losing momentum quickly. Our fast-paced and ever-growing society not only craves innovative communication, they require it. Gone are the days when the daily newspaper was read at the breakfast table every morning; more shockingly, gone are the days when the written word was all that was necessary for a story to have sincere impact. Nowadays, we need multimedia; pictures, videos, links, animations, anything that can get the story across quickly and interestingly. This year’s Compact Magazine does all of that, and then some.

But traditionalists, don’t fret, we haven’t eliminated the tried and true communication practices of yester-year. By combining traditional writing practices (hooks, quotes, descriptions, imagery, etc), with new age multimedia, we’ve been able to produce a magazine that suits a breadth of audience members.

This year, Compact Magazine is going digital. Our annual publication is getting a full makeover and being introduced to more than just pictures and text. This issue is packed full of videos, high-resolution photos, and links that help to tell our story in an entirely new dimension. We bring you stories, but these stories have more to them than what we can provide in a few hundred words; the multimedia that we have chosen will help to tell the rest of the story, in much less time than it would take to read 600 more words. We’re going digital for many reasons, three of them being most important to you.

One- Digital to Save the Planet

Print magazines like Time or Vogue print about 80 pages per issue; multiply that by the thousands of readers who subscribe to them and, that’s a lot of trees. By going digital we don’t need paper, we don’t need ink, and we don’t need to use precious energy resources to print copies. All that we need is the hard-work of everyone who helped to put this magazine together. We save trees, energy, and many other vital resources.

Two- Digital to Save your Wallet

Aside from killing trees, printing costs money, a lot of money. And the money that major magazine publications spend to print their magazines isn’t a cost for them, it’s a cost for you (and you pay it with your subscription fee). Our online magazine is one-hundred percent free of material cost, thus free to any and everyone who’d like to read it (and trust us, you’re going to want to read it).

Three- Digital to Preserve these Stories

Think about what you did with the last magazine you read after you finished reading it. It’s either sitting in a box labeled “Donations” or sitting in the recycle bin; so what happens to those stories? If you’re not an avid magazine clipper and story-saver, those stories disappear like they were never written. Our digital magazine will be available for download on our website for as long as the internet exists (and that’s a long time). So you’ll never lose your favorite Compact Magazine story and you can save room in your recycling bin for other recyclables.
We went digital for you, and we’re glad we did it. By adding impressive multimedia and making this magazine permanently available online (rather than in print) we’re saving you time and money, helping to save the planet, and saving these wonderful stories for years to come.  Look forward to the 2011 Compact Magazine out this fall! View it on our website at www.MICampusCompact.org

Thank you to MCC Communications and Writing Intern, Dan Nufer

Dan Nufer, a MSU graduate with a Professional Writing major, worked with Michigan Campus Compact for almost 2 years, and has moved on to a full time position in Chicago, IL. We thank Dan for his contributions to the work of Michigan Campus Compact and wish him all the best as he starts his career!

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