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Background: This page includes information regarding the history of the CPV model, who can become a CPV, and acknowledgements.

Resources and Training: This page will inform you of what you need to do to get started using CPV on your campus or in your organization. It also contains the primary resources of CPV including the toolkit, train-the-trainer components, helpful links and videos.

Additional Information: This page contains a set of secondary unique resources including success stories, tailored CPV approaches for specific groups, and advanced training modules.

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What is CPV?

A college access program

CPV provides college students and other volunteers who work with young people the training, tools and knowledge that will enable them to become ambassadors of higher education to the K-12 youth and adult learners they serve. College Positive Volunteers (CPVs) acting as tutors, mentors, and active community members can have a profound impact on how young people view the possibility of going to college. CPV reflects efforts to increase college enrollment and success for all students.

A free, sustainable training curriculum

The CPV curriculum consists of a PowerPoint training presentation, a digital toolkit including activities for college access, several one-page resource guides, and extra training modules. Every piece of the curriculum is free to use and share. How you choose to utilize the curriculum in your organization's programming is up to you!

Not just for college campuses

While CPV has been used most often to train college student volunteers, any youth-serving organization or individual can benefit from learning the curriculum!


Who does CPV benefit?

The youth who are impacted by College Positive Volunteers

49% of participating youth report increased success in school

64% of youth affected report increased interest in going to college

The College Positive Volunteers themselves

Among college students who serve as CPV's, 96% report an increased desire to graduate from college. These student volunteers persist in college at a rate of 92%, compared to an average institutional retention rate of 78%

The college-going culture in the state of Michigan:

As of 2012, only 36.4% of Michigan's working adults held at least a two-year degree (Lumina Foundation, 2012). 62% of Michigan's jobs will require postsecondary education by 2018 (Georgetown, 2010). You can help us bridge this gap!



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