Congratulations to University of Michigan-Dearborn

2015 Michigan Engaged Campus of the Year Award Winner!

Click here for the Press Release and join us in celebrating at the annual Giving and Volunteering Celebration on April 23, 2015.

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The Michigan Engaged Campus Award recognizes institutions of higher education for exemplary commitment to community engagement. Applicants will be judged (by a review committee external to the state of Michigan) according to criteria expressed in Campus Compact's Indicators of Engagement, which are on the MiCC website below. The winner will be notified in March, 2015 with the award presentation at:



Giving and Volunteering Day on April 23, 2015. Click here for more information on the event!  


Links for your convenience

1. Engaged Campus award update from MiCC team, 2.21.14

2. Click here for Questions that are asked during the online nomination process.

3. Campus Compact’s Indicators of Engagement

4. Winner history since 2012


Have you already won the Engaged Campus award? If yes, there is a mandatory wait time of five (5) years before re-applying to give all our members an opportunity to win this recognition. Thank you for understanding! 

Questions may be directed to Shelley Long or at 517-492-2432.